Advent Alphabet

Synopsis: Alphabetically listed are 25 items commonly associated with Advent and Christmas, one object lesson per day.
Keywords: Christmas, Advent, Symbols, Traditions


Synopsis: God is greater than the limited images we have in our minds of who he is.
Keywords: Image of God, God's nature, God's Character

An Illustration of Eternity

Synopsis: Here's an interesting Object Lesson for children, youth, and adults from Francis Chan illustrating the difference between living for the things of this world and living for eternity.
Keywords: eternity, short life, existence

Baby Pictures

Synopsis: Are we content even when our youth group never grows?
Keywords: Spiritual Growth, Maturity, Child of God


Synopsis: Use this Object Lesson using briefcases for a discussion on appearances and of chasing after new things.
Keywords: Appearance, External, Heart, God's Judgment, Discernment, Obedience

By Him All Things Were Created

Synopsis: Create a simple booklet to illustrate the days of creation and remind them that Christ was involved in Creation
Keywords: Creation, Christ

Calling God

Synopsis: Calling God is different from talking on a mobile phone
Keywords: Prayer, Calling God, Talking to God, Communicating with God

Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee

Synopsis: May the New Year something special. Go into it determined to make things better around you!
Keywords: New Year, improvement, adversity, trials, difficult circumstances, struggles, tribulations

Christ Was Born for All People

Synopsis: Use this object lesson as a reminder that Christ was born as a gift to everyone.
Keywords: Christmas, Light of the World, Body of Christ, Christ Came for All

Christmas Snowflakes

Synopsis: In the Bible we are told that God washes us from our sins so that we are white as snow. There are a lot of additional spiritual truths we can relate to snowflakes. Use this Christmas themed object lesson with your youth or children or adults.
Keywords: Christmas, cleansing, snow, snowflake, sin, circumstances

Clear Marbles

Synopsis: Christ turns our world upside down.
Keywords: Change, Redemption, spiritual transformation

Coat Hangers

Synopsis: Use this object lesson / children's sermon as a lesson on how Jesus doesn't just cover up our sin, but removes our sin.
Keywords: sin, atonement, forgiveness, propitiation, sacrifice


Synopsis: It is sometimes difficult for us to connect the dots in life to see the purpose God has planned for us!
Keywords: Doubts, Faith, Questions, Belief, God's Plan, Creator's Design, Sovereignty, Purpose, Future, Following Jesus, Discipleship

Connecting with Friends

Synopsis: In this creative learning activity, the string or yarn serves as an object lesson illustrating the relationships and friendships we have with each other.
Keywords: relationship, friendship, body of Christ, qualities of friends


Synopsis: A small sin can have very big consequences
Keywords: Sin

Creator and Created

Synopsis: We only find our purpose in God
Keywords: Purpose, destiny, future, decisions

Crushed - Isaiah 53:5

Synopsis: Use this Easter Object Lesson to remind youth that Christ was crushed for our sins so that we might be made whole and begin a new life with him.
Keywords: Easter, crushed, new life, new beginning, relationships, restoration, forgiveness

Cupcake Faith

Synopsis: Use this creative object lesson as a surprising illustration to kids that God looks at our heart, not our appearances. It can be used on any occasion or as a children's sermon, but with a reference to tombs, and masks it also serves as a fun lesson for an alternative to Halloween.
Keywords: Halloween, fall festival, harvest festival, appearances, masks, internal, heart, attitudes, hypocrisy, hypocrits, pharisees, inner beauty

Does It Work?

Synopsis: We don't need to understand everything about God to follow him.
Keywords: Understanding God

Drawing from the Source

Synopsis: Celery and food coloring becomes an object lesson for drawing from Christ.
Keywords: Spiritual Growth

Easter Cookies

Synopsis: These cookies are tasty object lesson to remind children / youth of the Easter events.
Keywords: Easter, Resurrection

Easter Resurrection

Synopsis: Use this Easter object lesson, to talk about death and the resurrection in simple terms.
Keywords: Easter Object Lesson, resurrection, life after death, new life, Spirit, flesh, body


Synopsis: Use an etch-a-sketch as an object lesson or children's sermon to teach youth or children about things that are temporary or about forgiveness.
Keywords: forgiveness, temporal vs. eternal, image of Christ, cleanse from sin, new life in Christ


Synopsis: We often have difficulty choosing what is good and what is best.
Keywords: Priorities, importance, time

Fear Factors

Synopsis: Discuss dealing with fears as a halloween alternative.
Keywords: Fears, Afraid, Trust, God's Protection, Halloween Alternative, fall festival, harvest festival


Synopsis: Our spiritual gifts and our relationship with God can serve as a taste or smell to entice others to taste and see that the Lord is Good. (Psalm 34:8) Our lives can be the scent of life to others. (2 Corinthians 2:16)
Keywords: fruits of the spirit, evangelism, taste, smell

God Hears

Synopsis: Even when it may seem like God is not listening, we can have confidence that He is listening and that He cares.
Keywords: persistent prayer, God hears prayers, God answers prayers

Grains of Wheat

Synopsis: Give youth a visible reminder that God answers their prayers.
Keywords: prayer, faith, petitions, supplications, intercession

Greatest Prize

Synopsis: The greatest prize is the calling of Christ.
Keywords: Award, Prize, Calling of Christ, Pursuits

How do I measure?

Synopsis: How do we measure our spirituality?
Keywords: Love, Measure, growth, spirituality

How to Make a Piñata (Pinata)

Synopsis: While much of the religious symbolism has been forgotten, the Piñata is a great object lesson for youth or as a Children's Sermon at Easter, Lent, or simply as a lesson on the blessings of God.
Keywords: Pinata, Piñata, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Lent, party games, instructions, how to make

Image of an Invisible God

Synopsis: This activity illustrates the truth that while God is all around us, it is through Christ and other Christians that we are able to see Him.
Keywords: Christ, Seeing God, Visible God, God's Presence, Presence of God

Image of the Father

Synopsis: If you want to see God, Look at Jesus!
Keywords: God, Jesus, Reflections, Faith, Doubt, Seeing and Believing

Invisible Helper

Synopsis: Jesus sends the Holy Spirit
Keywords: Helper, Comforter, Holy Spirit

Jack O' Lantern

Synopsis: Create a Halloween lantern with stars for eyes, the Christian fish symbol for a mouth, and a cross for its nose. Then pass out a poem to spread the gospel message.
Keywords: Christian alternatives to Halloween, October, fall, gospel, evangelism, witnessing, trick or treat, fall festival, harvest festival

Jelly Bean Salvation

Synopsis: Use 5 colors of Easter Jelly beans to tell the Gospel.
Keywords: Easter, Salvation, Gospel, Evangelism, Witnessing, Sacrifice, Christ's work, Gospel According to Jelly Beans

Jesus is the Key

Synopsis: Jesus is the key to a relationship with God and the only way to enter heaven.
Keywords: Christ, Evangelism, witnessing, salvation, Gospel

Jesus is the way

Synopsis: Jesus points us toward God.
Keywords: Jesus, way,


Synopsis: It's not the clothes we wear, the house we live in, the cars we drive, or names and titles people give us that determine our identity or our value as a person. It's what's inside us that counts.
Keywords: identity, character, created, labels, calling people names, fruits of the spirit, heart, appearances

Legend of the Candy Cane

Synopsis: A candy cane can remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.
Keywords: Christmas, Candy Cane, Symbols, Christmas Legends, Christmas Traditions

Light of the World

Synopsis: A lit candle is easily missed in a bright room. But when the lights go out it is impossible to miss it! Use this creative object lesson to illustrate the importance of being lights in the world, especially in those places where people are living in darkness.
Keywords: light, darkness, witness, shine for Christ, evangelism

Like A Halloween Pumpkin

Synopsis: Use a pumpkin to share the gospel.
Keywords: Redemption, Evangelism, Witnessing, letting our light shine, fall festival, halloween alternative, harvest festival

Magnifying Glass

Synopsis: Materials Magnifying Glass Lesson Magnifying glasses are fascinating and lots of fun. Let the children play with it for a minute - making their EYES big, looking at plants, etc. Point out that magnifying glasses are very useful. They are...

Managing Priorities

Synopsis: A powerful illustration, that could also be used as an object lesson on time management.
Keywords: time management, priorities

No Power

Synopsis: Electrical appliances serve as an object lesson to children and youth that God created us with a special purpose, but that purpose can only be accomplished when we rely on his power rather than our own.
Keywords: Created, purpose, power of God, Strength of God, rely on God, Depend on God

Out of Tune?

Synopsis: Is your life in tune with God?
Keywords: God's Will, choices, decisions, listening to God


Synopsis: Most people at some time or another have spent time, effort and money on things that did not satisfy, that left us feeling empty and maybe even cheated. This object lesson reminds us that fulfillment is only found in Christ!
Keywords: Satisfaction, gift, success, pursuits in life, goals, objectives, meaning in life, Easter

Perfect Love...

Synopsis: How do we restore our relationships with God and others?
Keywords: forgiveness, purity, true love, relationships, Valentine's Day

Peter Pumpkin

Synopsis: Has your light gone out because of sin in your life?
Keywords: pumpkin, christian alternatives to halloween, sin, evangelism, fall festival, harvest festival

Pizza Prayer

Synopsis: Is calling upon God in prayer like calling and ordering a pizza?
Keywords: prayer, calling upon God, answered prayers, God's provision

Pumpkin Prayer

Synopsis: Object Lesson on Prayer using a pumpkin
Keywords: Christian alternatives to halloween, pumpkin, prayer, fall festival, harvest festival

Pumpkin Seed Toss

Synopsis: Use this game as a discussion about the pwoer of our words, or about how we choose goals in life.
Keywords: Halloween Alternative, 4th of July Watermelon party, Words, Mouth, Goals, Targets, fall festival, harvest festival, thanksgiving

Roses and Thorns

Synopsis: A rose serves as a reminder of the Easter story.
Keywords: Easter, resurrection, Redemption, New Beginning

Roses and Thorns

Synopsis: God can restore
Keywords: restoration, grace, redemption

Sand Dollar

Synopsis: The markings on a sand dollar represent aspects of Christ's birth and death.
Keywords: Easter

Sensitive to the Spirit

Synopsis: The Holy Spirit helps us to be sensitive to the things of God.
Keywords: Spirit, sensitive, spiritual sensitivity, guidance, conviction, conscience

Shelter in the Storms?

Synopsis: Stress and storms make us stronger and can bring out the best in us.
Keywords: difficulties, stress

Shining for Jesus This Christmas

Synopsis: While we are commanded to be lights of the world, its not easy to do so. How can we be better lights to the world this Christmas Season? Use this Christmas object lesson to help youth find out the biggest secret to being lights to the world this Christmas!
Keywords: Christ, The Light of the World, Christmas

Sink or Float?

Synopsis: Christianity LITE

Sports Equipment

Synopsis: Sports equipment is used as an illustration of using the wrong equipment to play the game of life which God has ordained for each of us.
Keywords: equipment, gifts, pursuits, goals, objectives, service, sports, Olympics, competition

Spot the Differences

Synopsis: We use the Bible as our standard in which to evaluate our life.
Keywords: Sin, Christian Living, Evaluation, Christlike, Pleasing God

St Patrick's Day

Synopsis: The significance of St Patrick's day is not in the traditions associated with it today, but in its remembrance of a forgiving teenager who was sold into slavery and escaped only to return to the country where he had been a slave, in order to bring the people there to the love of Christ.
Keywords: St. Patrick's Day, Patricks Day, Irish, Holiday, clover, green


Synopsis: Our physical lives are governed by standards. Do we also allow the Bible to govern our spiritual life?
Keywords: standard, righteousness, judgment, Christ

Sweet grapes or Sour grapes?

Synopsis: Grapes serve as an object lesson regarding the parable of the vines and the branches.
Keywords: Spiritual Growth


Synopsis: The Lord's supper is a powerful reminded of what Jesus has done for us.
Keywords: Lord's Supper, Communion

Take It Away

Synopsis: This Object Lesson for children and youth uses static electricity as a metaphor for Christ's work of Salvation in the lives of Believers. Christ not only takes our sins upon himself, but also wants us to cast all our burdens upon him.
Keywords: object lesson, sin, forgiveness, Christ's work on the Cross

Taking the heat

Synopsis: Heat conduction serves as a simple object lesson of God taking the heat for us in times of trouble.

Target Practice

Synopsis: Is it the proper Christian response to knock others down in order to be lifted up, or to simply lift others up?
Keywords: The greatest and least, first and last, humility, pride, criticism, harsh words, edifying speech, edification, encouragement, discouragement, back-biting, gossip, cutting others down, building others up

Tension in Relationships

Synopsis: Rubber bands will be used as an object lesson for youth on relationships, stress in relationships, closeness in relationships and the hurt we can experience in broken relationships with God and others.
Keywords: relationships, closeness, intimacy, tension, stress, hurt, pain, biblical relationships

Thanksgiving Object Lesson - Ten Lepers

Synopsis: Use this Thanksgiving Children's sermon / Thanksgiving Object lesson to create a situation in the Sunday school classroom or Worship service to illustrate the story in Luke 17 of the healing of ten lepers and the ONE that return to Jesus and thanked him for what he had done.
Keywords: Thanks, gratitude, leprosy, ten lepers, 10 lepers, giving thanks, thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Holiday

The Cross or Hell?

Synopsis: God gave us a choice of heaven when he died on the cross for us.
Keywords: Easter, cross, crucifixion, new life

The Gospel According to a Tea Bag

Synopsis: Use a tea bag as an object lesson to tell the story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. Its the Easter message for children and adults.
Keywords: Easter, resurrection, crucifixion, gospel, atonement, sacrifice, redemption, forgiveness

The Greatest Love was not shown on Valentine's Day!

Synopsis: The Greatest Love was not shown on Valentine's Day, but when Jesus opened the way to heaven for us 2000 years ago! Use this evangelistic Valentine's Day object lesson as a Children's sermon or teaching activity. Based upon the "wordless book" concept, it uses black, red, white, green, and gold (or yellow) hearts to explain the key points of the gospel message.
Keywords: Valentine's Day, salvation, evangelism, hearts

The Way to God

Synopsis: Many people see the road to heaven as a map with many possible routes.
Keywords: Jesus, Way to God, Direction, Salvation, Evangelism, Gospel, Sharing Christ


Synopsis: We need to make room for God in our lives before he can fill us an satisfy our thirst.
Keywords: Thirsty for God


Synopsis: Tickets serve as a reminder that Jesus is the way to heaven
Keywords: Salvation

Time for God

Synopsis: Reminder to take time for God.
Keywords: Time, Priorities, Living for God

Tree-mendous growth

Synopsis: An object lesson teaches about the vine and the branches.
Keywords: Growth

Waiting on God

Synopsis: Waiting on God
Keywords: Choices, decision making, patience, time

Wind Up Toy Christianity

Synopsis: Youth Bible study activity using wind-up toys. Works great as a discussion about free will or for discussing running in the Christian race. It could also be tied into Disney's recent "Toy Story 3"
Keywords: Spirit empowered life, exhaustion, obstacles, God's will, purpose, created with a purpose, spiritual guidance, spiritual path, direction, God's care

Window Christians

Synopsis: Mirror or Window Pain: Do we focus on self or focus on others.

Wonderfully Created

Synopsis: Does God have a personal and specific will for each person's life?
Keywords: Purpose, God's will, Choices, Decisions, Destiny


Synopsis: Life is full of ups and downs, mountains and valleys, depressions and mountaintop experiences, difficulties and triumphs.
Keywords: Difficulties, Trials, Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows, Connected to God, God's Purpose, God's Will

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