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"A Whale of a Tale" is one of my favorite camp Bible studies. I initially wrote it a number of years back for a large church in Texas, but since then it has been used by churches around the world!

  • This youth camp curriculum was designed to teach the basic truths of obedience in addition to evangelism in the context of a Biblical character. The advantage of going through a book and looking at one man's story is that we see not only the teaching but the example. It becomes much more real! Youth relate more to stories than to the bare facts.
  • The story of Jonah is the primary framework of this series. The key to making this series come to life is to help youth relate with Jonah in each narrative. Explore how principle characters probably felt. Explore how youth would feel in similar circumstances. Explore how youth would respond in similar situations. Explore the things that youth can learn from these characters. Special learning activities might be to have youth rewrite the stories in a modern situation, act them out, etc. A creative teacher could dress up as Jonah or one of the other characters and tell the story from a first person perspective. Be creative.
  • The other advantage of using a Bible Narrative is the continuity between studies. We are able to see Jonah from beginning to end, his disobedience and his obedience, his faults and his triumphs, his bad attitudes and his good ones. The passage itself is the primary illustration.
  • Many of the questions take the form of multiple choice with options. At times the options provided are humorous and then when applied we discover that while we would laugh at Jonah if he did something, we actually do the same thing ourselves. Use the multiple choice answers to create discussion.

Here are the Key Teaching Points from the lessons:

  • Jonah 1:1-3 God says "effect." Jonah says "defect"
  • Jonah 1:4-5 God sent lightning rods. Each man sought his gods.
  • Jonah 1:5-8 Jonah closed his eyes while the men asked "why?"
  • Jonah 1:9-13 Jonah says "throw" and the sailors say "row"
  • Jonah 1:14-17 The sailors picked up and threw and the storm was through.
  • God didn't just stop the storm he wanted Jonah to reform.
  • Jonah 1:17 Jonah didn't follow so God told the fish to swallow
  • Jonah 1:1-17 Though Jonah ran away, God used him anyway!
  • Jonah 2:1-9 For disobedience Jonah prayed, and thus Jonah prayed.
  • Jonah 2:10 I'm sure Jonah stunk when the whale blew chunks
  • Jonah 3:1-9 Jonah finally went and Ninevah repents
  • Jonah 3:10 Ninevah repents and God relents
  • Jonah 4:1-3 Jonah says "NO!" because God's anger is too slow.
  • Jonah 4:4 Jonah puts up a fight. God says you have no right.
  • Jonah 4:3,8 Jonah would rather not try. He'd rather give up and die.
  • Jonah 4:6 Jonah sat down to whine and God sent a vine
  • Jonah 4:6 While Jonah sat in shade, his bad attitude began to fade.
  • Jonah 4:5-8 Jonah sat in comfort to wait so God sent fishbait.
  • Jonah 4:9-11 Jonah is still mad so God points to the lad.

Each key point takes the form of a rhyme and is applied both to Jonah's situation and to ours.

I have created it an ebook (PDF) format that includes both a teacher's guide and student worksheets. The Teacher's guide explains the options and comes with an additional commentary on the book of Jonah. The student worksheets are found at the end of the teacher's guide and are intended to be printed on three sheets of letter-size paper (front and back) and folded in half. Make as many copies as you need of the teacher's guide and student worksheets. It couldn't be easier!

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