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Several sheets of paper or newsprint for each student. Tape

Ask students to write one thing they are troubled about on each sheet of paper. They can also write something that concerns them, worries them, or gives them difficulty. They might write “grades,” “family,” or “friends.” Anything that upsets or discourages them is acceptable. Tell them to NOT put their name on the paper or share it with anyone else. This is strictly between them and God.

While kids are writing, tape a line down the middle of the floor.

When each person has at least three to five things written, each on a separate page, have kids wad their pages up into a ball. Form two equal teams of participants. Have the teams face each other standing on opposite sides and approximately three feet (1 meter) from the tape line. If you have more than twenty kids, you might want to consider forming additional teams.

On your signal, they must throw all of their troubles onto the other team’s side while trying to keep that teams concerns off your side. The object is to get as many concerns as possible on the other team’s side before the time is up. Give them about 1 minute.

Part 2
When the time is up, put a large trash can in the middle of the room. This time, give them thirty seconds to work together to get all of the concerns into the trash can.

1. How was the way you treated your troubles in this game like or unlike the way kids really treat their troubles?
2. What happened when you dumped your troubles on each other?
3. What thoughts go through your mind when your friends dump troubles and problems on you?
4. What do you think about dumping your troubles on Christ?
5. How can you help your friends bring their troubles to Christ?
6. What are your thoughts about how Christ can help you with your troubles?
7. How does it make you feel to know that Jesus has overcome the world?

Gather around the trash can and ask for several people to pray that group members will be able to let go of their troubles. If you have a dumpster, you may hold a ceremonial trash dumping after the prayer.

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