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1. 2 sets – 8 types of prayer (prepared by you)
2. 2 sets – 8 cards with examples from Daniel 9 or other passages ( 1 set prepared by each group)
3. 2 sets – 8 cards with real life examples of each aspect of prayer (1 set prepared by each group)
4. +4 – add 4 wild cards (prepared by you) and you will have a set of 52 cards…

This means there are 6 cards for each aspect of prayer..
Another option is to have youth collect and arrange cards in the correct order from various famous prayers. You can also Get 52 or more index cards. For larger groups create additional sets. On the cards, write portions of prayers. On other cards write the authors of each portion. You can then play various card games using the notecards you have prepared. Suits can be identified by four key authors such as David, Paul, Jesus, Jeremiah, etc . Phrases can be matched by similar sentiments or components. Throw in cards with each aspect of the prayer wheel for additional matches (Praise, Meditation, The Word, Listening, Singing, Confession, Intercession, Petition.)

You may have youth prepare the cards: add cards with real items to be lifted up in prayer. Add prayers for missionaries. Add other prayers for church activities. The possibilities are endless.

1. Relay: Divide the class into two groups. Give a set of cards to each group. Each group member gets a card and lines up against the opposite wall opposite you. Call out examples of each type of prayer. First group to get the corresponding prayer card to you gets a point. Members return to the wall. Go fish – try to complete as many sets as possible
2. Spoons – be the 1st to get a set of 1 type of prayer
3. Battle – divide the cards into two stacks, one for each team. Players turn over cards simultaneously. If two cards match the first player to slap the discard pile gets all the cards in it. A match in this case would be any two cards of the same type of prayer. The object is to collect all the cards. After a couple minutes change players on each team.

As a closing activity, have youth each take a real life prayer from the stack and keep that in prayer for this week… using fresh cards, have youth put their name and a prayer request on a card. Shuffle all the cards. Distribute cards and encourage them to pray for the person they get this week.


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