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BOB: Hey Becky, How ya doin?
BECKY: Great (freeze)
BOB: (To audience) This girl’s got an ego the size of a choir loft.
BECKY: How is School?
BOB: (Proudly) Pretty Good (freezes)
BECKY This is Mr. Athlete. I couldn’t care less, but in a minute he’ll rattle on and on about football, wrestling and baseball
BOB: Thought I’d try out for football, wrestling and come spring some baseball.
BECKY Well, Uh… How’s the Lord been treating you (freeze)
BOB: Oh fine. (To audience) Now what business is it of hers how things are going spiritually for me? I’ve got problems, but a man’s gotta have some privacy.
BECKY Oh Good. Boy it’s warm in here! Isn’t there any air conditioning in the church?
BOB: Nope. We make fans out of the bulletins (BECKY laughs. BOB freezes)
BECKY (Stop Laughing) What a sick joke. Did you notice how he dodged my question about the Lord… typical!
BOB: You know I haven’t seen you at church much lately… Is everything OK?
BECKY: Oh yeah! Just fine (freeze)
BOB: What nerve! She comes on like Joan of Arc, hot off the ashes and won’t even open up. She’s obviously bugged about something. Her whole spiritual act just went to lunch.
BECKY: (Ashamed) Actually… I haven’t been going to church because… uh.. I’ve…
BOB: been sick?
BECKY No. Kinda bored
BOB: (Smiles) Yeah, I know what you mean (freeze)
BECKY Look at the smirk on his face… All this boy does is sleep in church. He doesn’t care about my needs or anybody else’s.
BOB: Have you tried gum?
BECKY A little chew in the pew? (freeze)
BOB: (Laugh) I think I’m gonna be sick. You know. I can’t believe it but everybody used to say how strong Becky was spiritually… She sang in the choir, taught Sunday School…Now look at her. I kinda feel sorry for her.
BECKY (embarrassed) That was a bad joke. I know.
BOB: Oh heck! I crack’em all the time.
BECKY (Nervous) I guess I’m in good company.
BOB: Yeah. Well, you’ve got good taste (laughs and freezes)
BECKY Here I am trying to open up and look what he does. I Can’t believe it. Everyone says how friendly Bob is… when you’ve got a problem, go to Bob… All the Jr High boys look up to him – Cold, aloof, a real meathead. But you know, I sorta feel sorry for him.
BOB: Where were you headed?
BECKY Well. Seeing how this is the back of the church on a Sunday morning….
BOB: Church. That’s right, how stupid of me. Maybe you would like to sit with me?
BECKY Well.. I don’t think I should this week.
BOB: Oh well, it’s been nice talking with you (freeze)
BECKY Well, maybe it’s best that he didn’t try and help me. All I’ve got to do is share a few of my problems with him and end up being laughed at in some locker room with half a dozen football players.
BOB: Maybe next week
BECKY We’ll see (freeze)
BOB: You can’t communicate problems to girls–they couldn’t care less besides, the junior high boys look up to me. That’s enough.
BECKY: You can’t communicate problems to guys. They couldn’t care less. Besides, my old Sunday School Students look up to me. That’s enough.
BOB: Goodbye Becky!
BECKY: Goodbye Bob!
BOTH: God Bless

Questions for youth discussion

  • What stereotypes of youth are shown in this skit? Are they accurate?
  • What girls – guys stereotypes are shown?
  • In this skit, when one youth freezes, you hear the thoughts of the other young person. Do you often think certain thoughts but keep them to yourself instead of saying them out loud? why?
  • If you could, would you want to hear the true thoughts of others? Why or why not?
  • Is honesty always the best policy? Explain.
  • What suggestions would you make to Bob and Becky regarding their thoughts, communication, and relationship?
  • What issues and areas for growth can you find in the two youth in this skit?
  • If you were to write a similar skit about youth in your school, what are some of the issues that would be realistic that you could write about?
  • What are some spiritual principles that apply to such issues?


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