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baby_bottles.jpgGame Description
This group of games are a great introduction for a discussion for growth and maturing in your relationship with Christ. They also make a great introduction for a lesson on Hebrews 5:12-6:3. They could also be used for a baby shower.

Game Materials

  • A large towel and diaper pins for each team
  • a baby bottle filled with water for each team
  • a paper towel to be tucked in a shirt as a bib for each team
  • chairs


Game Play

Baby Talk: When I was a child, I spoke as a child and acted as a child. Most of us have heard stories about words we mixed up as children just learning to talk. Have youth write a word on a small slip of paper that they mispronounced or used incorrectly as a child. If they don’t know of one then have them write one they have heard. I know a friend that mistakenly called “masking tape” “masculine tape.” Alternatively, have youth tell of something they did as a child. Have youth attempt to guess the words and what they were supposed to be and to guess the identity of the person who wrote it.

Diaper Relay: A person from each team must put on the diaper, tuck the bib in the shirt, place their thumb in their mouth, and waddle to the other end of the room (or if outside, a designated place) where they will get on their hands and knees (like a crawling baby) and have a fellow team member squirt a bit of water from the baby bottle into the mouth of the baby. The baby then returns and the next person repeats the same tasks. First team to have all members go through the tasks wins.

Pacifier Suck: Buy some of the candy rings – (look like a pacifier) or lolipops for everyone. First team to finish all the pacifiers wins.

Mother’s Revenge: Start by saying, “If you have ever seen a mother trying to feed a baby you will appreciate this game. Babies usually throw, spit, spill, or drool most of their food over dear mom. So now we have MOTHER’S REVENGE….” Each team should choose two volunteers. Wrap towels around the neck of one volunteer and blindfold the other. Then give the blindfolded member a jar of baby food and a spoon. The first blindfolded team member to feed the babyfood to their partner wins.

Baby Belch Relay: Each team should choose a girl to be the mother and a boy to be the baby. Have a baby bottle filled with coke or pepsi for each team. At the signal, mothers will feed the baby the contents of the bottle. When the bottle is empty, the baby boy is leaned over the shoulder while the mothers pat their backs until they produce a loud belch. First team to produce the belch wins

Make Me Laugh: Prepare the group by saying something along the lines: “It is amazing what people will do to try and entertain a baby. Even the most reserved people will make a total fool of themselves. Tough guys will ‘Goo’ and ‘Coo’ just to get a baby to smile. that’s the object of our game now.” Place the group in a circle… two persons are in the center. Together they must make someone sitting in the circle laugh. The person who laughs and the person to that persons right then end up in the center.

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