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Valentine’s Day Game Description
In this Valentine’s Day Game, party participants are to create as many words as possible before the timer runs out using only the letters in the word “Valentine”

Valentine’s Day Game Resources

  • Word List (possibly a dictionary as well)
  • Timer
  • Paper and pencil/ pen for each person


Valentine’s Day Game Preparation

What to Do

  1. Participants are to create as many words as possible using only the letters in the word “Valentine”
  2. You may wish to allow only those words for which the participants can give the definition.


Word List
ae, ai, ail, ain, ait, al, ale, alee, alevin, alien, aline, alit, alive, alt, alvine, an, ane, anele, anent, ani, anil, anile, ant, ante, anti, anvil, at, ate, ave, eat, eave, eel, el, elain, elan, elate, elative, elint, elite, en, enate, enliven, entail, entia, et, eta, etna, eve, even, event, evil, evite, ilea, in, inane, inlet, inn, innate, invent, it, la, lain, lane, lat, late, lateen, laten, lati, lav, lave, lea, lean, lean, leant, leave, leaven, lee, leet, lei, lenient, lenite, lent, lenten, let, lev, levant, levin, li, liane, lie, lien, lieve, lin, line, lineate, linen, linn, linnet, lint, lit, lite, live, liven, na, nae, nail, naive, naivete, nan, native, nave, navel, ne, neat, neat, neaten, nee, nene, net, neve, nieve, nil, nine, nit, nite, nival, ta, tae, tael, tail, tain, tale, tali, tan, tav, tea, teal, tee, teel, teen, tel, tela, tele, ten, tenail, tenia, ti, tie, til, tile, tin, tine, tinea, vail, vain, vale, valet, valine, van, vane, vat, veal, vee, veena, veil, vein, veinal, veinlet, vela, velate, vena, venal, venetian, venial, venin, venine, vent, ventail, vet, via, vial, vie, vile, vina, vinal, vine, vineal, vita, vital

Icebreaker Game Variation

  1. Pin a large card bearing a letter from one of the above words to each person’s sleeve
  2. Give each person a small card and a pencil.
  3. The goal is for people with the various letters to get together and spell words.
  4. Once they have spelled a word, they must write the word on their cards and have both people sign it.
  5. They can then separate and look for new words.
  6. Award a prize to the person with the longest list of words.
  7. And you might award a special prize to the members involved in making the longest word.


NOTE: If your group size is bigger than the length of the word, double up on some of the letters, but realize that there may be additional words possible that are not in the list above.


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