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The TV show Jeopardy, is a great game for the review of Biblical lessons. It’s also great to see how much people really know about stories that they hear all the time. In this Christmas Jeopardy game, the focus is on Mary.


1. Game board
The game board can be drawn on a piece of paper, on a whiteboard, on an OHP, on individual pieces of paper taped to the wall, or on computer with a projector using powerpoint. Typically the board consists of categories across the top and point values below at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500. Powerpoint is the easiest because you can link the point values to a slide that contains the clues. Clues are phrased as statement and participants must provide the question that the statement answers. Every clue then links to the answer and then links back to the initial slide. A Christmas template for the questions below can be downloaded HERE. Links that have already been clicked will automatically show a different color in some versions of powerpoint.  If it doesn’t on yours, simple print out the first slide and keep track of which questions have been asked already.  Give a copy to each team so they can also keep track.

2. You’ll need to people to help you run the game – a host, a scorekeeper, and a person to run the game itself.

  • Host – Introduces the game, reads the clues, and decides whether the answers provided are correct or not.
  • Scorekeeper – The scorekeeper keeps the score for all teams. Correct answers add to the score where as incorrect answers subtract from the score.
  • Game Runner – The Game Runner is responsible for running the game board and identifying the first person or team to indicate they want to answer the question. You can use a bell or the simply raising of a hand to indicate they want to answer.

Game Play

On television, the jeopardy game consists of three rounds. There is a normal round, a round that is known as double jeopardy where the point values are doubled, and final Jeopardy. Depending on time you may want to eliminate the double jeopardy round to speed up the game. This game works well with 2 to 6 teams with 2-4 people on each team.

General Play

Standard Round

  • Randomly choose a team to go first.
  • During their turn, each team chooses a category and a value. (i.e. “Bible Boks for $200”)
  • The host then reads the clue, after which any player on any team can buzz in.
  • The Game Runner announces the first team to buzz in and the Host calls on that team for a response to the clue. The response must be phrased in the form of a question (for example,
  • “What is Genesis?”.)
  • Teams are allowed to discuss before someone buzzes in, but once someone buzzes in, the person who raised hand or hit the bell must give the response.
  • A correct adds the value to the team’s score whereas an incorrect response subtracts the value.
  • The response must be given within a specific time frame (I usually give a maximum of 10 seconds.
  • If the response is correct, the team also gets the opportunity to choose the next clue.
  • If the response is incorrect or not given in time, another team has the chance to buzz in with their answer.
  • If no correct response is given, the host reads the correct response, and the team who
  • originally chose the question maintains control of the board.

Daily Doubles

  • There are three Daily Doubles – one in the standard Jeopardy round and two in the Double Jeopardy round.
  • Only the team that receives the Daily Double may respond to its clue. The team may only wager as much as they have accumulated so far up to a maximum amount of the clues on the board of the current round. Minimum bid is 100.
  • When a Daily Double comes up, the scorekeeper announces the scores of each team. The team that picked the Daily Double decides how much of their score to wager and calls it out. The team may discuss their response but must respond within 10 seconds. Points are added for a correct answer or subtracted for an incorrect one.

Double Jeopardy Round

  • The team with the lowest score at the end of the standard Jeopardy round has the first selection in Double Jeopardy round. Values in the Double Jeopardy Round are doubled. This round is optional depending on time.

Final Jeopardy Round

  • Teams with zero, or negative scores are eliminated from the final Jeopardy round.
  • Distribute Note card and writing materials for the final round. In the final Jeopardy round, the score must be written down on a note card or piece of paper so you will want to have this available along with something for the team to write with.
  • The Host announces the final jeopardy category. After hearing the category the Teams have 10 seconds to discuss how much to risk on the final question and write it on their card or piece of paper. Teams can risk any amount up to what they have already won.
  • Host reads the final clue and teams have 30 seconds to discuss and write their responses to the clue on their Final Jeopardy cards.
  • At the end of the 30 seconds, teams display their cards (beginning with the team that has the lowest score)
  • Calculate the final scores. The team with the highest score wins.

The Questions

100 The name of the angel that brought the message to Mary – Gabriel
200 The month God sent the angel – sixth month
300 The name of the town where the angel met Mary – Nazareth
400 Phrase the angel used to described Mary – Highly blessed, or Most favored
500 These two births were mentioned to Mary – John the baptist and Jesus

100 The name of the mother of Jesus – Mary
200 A relative of the mother of Jesus – Elizabeth
300 The name of the person to whom the mother of Jesus was betrothed – Joseph
400 The mother described herself as this in her song – humble servant
500 The mother of Jesus hurried to this person’s home when she received
the message from the angel – Zechariah’s home (or Elizabeth’s home)

100 The name Mary was to give to her baby – Jesus
200 The other baby in the story did this when in the presence of Mary? – jumped for joy in the womb
300 The baby was also called the Son of this – The son of the Most High
400 The Lord will give him the throne of his father – David
500 He will reign over this house – Jacob

100 The book of the Bible which speaks most about Mary – Luke
200 The Book of the Bible that foretold the virgin birth – Isaiah 7:14
300 The book of the Bible that mentioned the Messiah would be a descendent of David – Jeremiah 23:5
400 The book that foretold that Mary and Joseph would flee to Egypt – Hosea 11:1
500 Book of the Bible that mentioned Bethlehem as the city Mary would give birth – Micah 5:1-2

100 Number of days until Christmas? – depends on when you play the game
200 Opposite of arrogance – humility
300 The reason Mary was travelling, even though she was pregnant – pay taxes
400 The number of Months Elizabeth was pregnant when she met Mary – 6
500 The Meaning of the name “Jesus” – God saves

Final Jeopardy Question:

What was the main characteristic of Mary that enabled God to use her? – humble obedience

Click Here to Download a Powerpoint for the Christmas Jeopardy Questions


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