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This object lesson for youth uses eggs to make the Easter message of the empty tomb memorable and fun while re-creating, the emotions felt by Christ’s disciples upon finding the empty tomb on Easter morning.


Games using Easter Eggs

  • Armenian Egg Crush – Each youth must knock their hard boiled egg against another person’s hard boiled egg. The egg that doesn’t crack wins. Have the winners face off with other winners until only one person is left.
  • Broken Eggs – Raw Eggs are placed on the floor while all the youth look on. Ask them to carefully memorize the locations of the eggs. Then ask for a volunteer who will be blindfolded to walk through the eggs without stepping on any of them. Once blindfolded, the eggs are quickly swapped with peanuts or corn chips. The blindfolded person will think they are eggs when stepped upon. (Be sure to have a vacuum or broom to sweep up the mess)
  • Capture the Egg – Play a game of capture the flag with eggs. Divide into two teams and give each team 4 eggs. You’ll need a large open area with lots of obstacles and obstructions. Divide it into into three areas, one for each of the two teams separated by a neutral area. Each team must hide their 4 eggs somewhere in their area, making sure that nobody from the opposing team can see where it is. In order to win the game, you must capture the other team’s eggs and bring them back to your own territory. But if an enemy team member grabs you while you’re standing in their territory, they are allowed to take you straight to jail (which is a small area somewhere inside their territory). You can be freed from jail if one of your team members tags you, and join back in the game. When time is up whoever has captured the most eggs wins.
  • Don’t Drop The Egg – Two youth pair up and stand back to back. Place an egg between them. They objective is for the youth to lower the egg to the floor without breaking it. Best done with a hard boiled egg, but if you are feeling particularly playful you could use raw eggs.
  • Egg Blow – (Messy Game) Get a clear flexible tube from the hardware store, preferably of large enough diameter to hold a cracked egg inside. Youth compete against each other by placing their mouths on each side of the tube and blowing. The loser get’s a face full of egg. (Cautions: Let them place a garbage bag over clothes. You can also use an egg substitute (like Eggbeater’s) to avoid bacteria or chance of salmonella. Have moist washcloths and towels handy.)
  • Egg Drop – Give each team of youth 6ft of masking tape, 1 balloon, a handful of straws, and 1 raw egg. They have to build a protection “capsule” out of those materials that will protect the egg when dropped from various heights off a tall ladder until only one egg survives.
  • Egg Fan – Create a start and a finish line on a hard floor using masking tape. Each youth must use an empty medium sized 14″ pizza box to fan the egg to the finish line. They are not allowed to touch the egg and can only move the egg with gusts of air from waving their pizza box. This can be a team relay race or an individual race.
  • Egg Pass – Each youth has a spoon in his mouth. Teams must pass an egg to the end of the line as quickly as possible using only the spoons. First to finish wins. Do you dare use raw eggs?
  • Egg Roll – Create a start and a finish line on a hard floor using masking tape. Each youth must push the egg to the finish line using only his/her nose. This can be a team relay race or an individual race.
  • Egg Roulette – Choose 4-5 volunteers from among the youth. Place 4-5 eggs on a table. The volunteers are told that one of the eggs is raw, but the others are hardboiled. (In fact, all are hardboiled) Each player takes a turn, taking an egg from the table and tapping it on the other players foreheads until it breaks. The players are told whoever gets the raw egg is the bravest. Because all of the eggs are hardboiled, the last player gets the prize before an egg is tried on his forehead.
  • Egg Run – A youth is given a spoon to hold in his mouth while an egg is placed on the ground (hard boiled) in front of him. He must stoop down, get the egg onto his spoon without using his hands, stand up, travel to the other side of the arena, return to the starting place and return the egg to its starting position. This can be played as a relay or as individuals.
  • Egg Toss – Pairs form two lines facing off and toss an egg back and forth. Every time a catch is successful those who survived back up a little further and try again. The pair that catches the longest toss wins. Use hard boiled or raw eggs.
  • Egg Tower – Using 4 Easter eggs and 4 paper towel rolls be the first to build a tower using all the objects to create a single pillar. Be careful not to get the tower out of alignment or it will come crashing down! Play with raw or boiled eggs.
  • Hot Eggs – As music plays, youth must pass the “hot egg” around the circle from person to person. No one is skipped. The youth caught holding the egg when the music stops is out, and the game begins again.
  • Raw Egg Drop – (Messy Game) Choose 4-5 volunteers from among the youth. The volunteers lay down on their backs on the floor with a cup on their forehead. One teammate stands over them and cracks the egg with their hands attempting to drop the content of the egg into the cup as it spills out. Most of the egg will wind up on the participants face. It’s rather tricky. The team with the most egg in their cup wins. (Cautions: You might want to cover the floor with some newspaper or plastics bags first, and make sure the youth on the floor keeps eyes and mouth closed. Has some wet towels for cleanup)

An Object Lesson

A lot of the games using Easter Eggs have an element of surprise. The Eggs might not be as expected. They also tend to create a variety of other emotions as well – fear, excitement, hesitation, anger, disappointment, relief, doubt, disbelief. Many of the those same emotions are found in the resurrection accounts in the gospels. The following demonstration or object lesson helps to draw out more feelings as an empty egg reminds us of the empty tomb.


  • Remove the contents of a raw egg. Some people create a hole in each end using a needle, then use a pipe cleaner or piece of wire to scramble the contents inside the egg. You can then carefully blow into the smaller hole so that the egg comes out a bigger hole on the other side. Some people use a syringe to suck the contents out. Once you have emptied the egg, and likely broken a couple trying, rinse it with a little water and then set it aside to dry. Later you can hold the egg with your thumb and finger to cover the holes on the top and bottom so they are not visible.
  • You also want to have a real raw egg. You can have a dozen raw eggs in a carton to add a little more credibility to the object lesson.

What to do

Holding up the real egg, ask youth what is inside an egg. After the games they should already have a good idea. Explain that unlike some of those used in the game, this one is a raw one. Inside you would find a raw yellow yolk and the clear runny white part of the egg. Break it into a glass so they can see.

Then ask for a brave volunteer to come in front of the group with you. Ask them to stand still and take out the emptied egg and proceed to crack it over the volunteer’s head. You’ll hear exclamations of surprise from both the volunteer and those watching then there will be sighs of relief or complaints from the more mischievous ones.



  • Ask youth how they felt when they first broke an egg during one of the games or when you broke it during your demonstration? What feelings did they have?

Read the Resurrection story from the various accounts.

  • What were some of the reactions people had to the empty tomb in the Easter story? Mary? John? Peter? Roman Guards? High Priests? How do you think each person felt?


  • If you had been one of them at the empty tomb on that first easter morning, how do you think you might have reacted? What do you think you might have been feeling?
  • How did those who heard the story react? How do you typically react when you hear something unexpected?
  • Have you ever experienced anything in life that at first reaction shocked you, surprised you, or maybe even frightened you, but later turned out to be something good?
  • Was it a good thing or bad thing that the egg was empty? Was it a good thing or a bad thing that the tomb was empty? How do you think the people in the story might have answered this question?


When Jesus’ followers found out the tomb was empty, they weren’t sure right away what to think, just like you didn’t know what to think about the empty egg. But the empty tomb was the best news of all: Jesus was alive! And because Jesus rose from the dead, we can be saved from sin and death and live with him forever in Heaven.

  • Who do you need to tell about the empty tomb of Christ this week? How do you think they might react? How does the easter story give you confidence to tell others about the Risen Saviour?
  • What personal lessons can you apply from the Easter story when you face unexpected surprises in life?


  • Matthew 28:1-11
  • Mark 16:1-8
  • Luke 24:1-12
  • John 20:1-18

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