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Game Description
This Easter egg toss can be used as a creative teaching idea to stimulate youth to discuss the empty tomb on Easter morning.

Game Materials

  • Hard boiled eggs – Ideally you should have at least 1 hard boiled egg for every two youth.
  • Egg cartons – put the eggs back into the cartons so that it looks like a carton of fresh eggs.


Game Preparation
Hard boil the eggs and place them back in the original egg cartons

Game Play

  1. Take the youth outdoors to a parking lot or field with a lot of open space.
  2. Form the youth into pairs and give each youth pair an egg. Do not tell them that it is hard boiled. They should believe that it is raw.
  3. Form the youth into two lines with the pairs facing each other.
  4. Ask youth to separate by a bit of a distance and toss the eggs to each other. Start close together and then after each toss, have the lines move a little further back from each other.
  5. As the lines get farther apart take note of signs of nervousness and related comments as the stress levels increase.
  6. Continue to separate the lines until several drop their eggs and the group begins to catch on to the fact that the eggs are not raw, but hard-boiled.
  7. Bring the youth together for discussion. You might want to collect the unbroken eggs for a snack later.


Take it to the Next Level

  • How did you feel as the lines became farther and farther apart?
  • How did you feel when the egg ended up being not quite what you expected – when you discovered that the eggs were hard-boiled instead of raw?
  • Why do you think eggs have become a symbol of Easter? In what ways is an egg like the tomb in which Jesus’ body was placed after the crucifixion? Eggs, like the empty tomb are sealed. Its not easy to place things inside or remove something.
  • What feelings do you think the disciples experienced when Jesus body was placed in the tomb?
  • How do you think those feelings changed when they discovered the tomb was not quite like they expected — it was EMPTY!
  • Does God often do the unexpected? The seemingly impossible? Why?


Closing Application
Jesus told the disciples on several occasions that he would be resurrected back to life and return to them, but the disciples did not understand. It seemed impossible so they had a hard time believing. So on Easter morning, their first thoughts at find the tomb empty were that someone might have stolen the body. Their emotions were turned upside down as grief turned to joy, worry turned to relief. God has many surprises in store for his followers. He can turn our stress into joy and replace our worries with gladness and relief if we will trust him with our future! After all, if he can conquer death, then nothing is impossible for God!


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