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  • Can you pin the cotton tail on the Easter Bunny?



  • In this Easter variation of “Pin the tail on the Donkey”, youth will need to pin a cotton ball tail on to an Easter bunny. Only there is a surprise twist!



  • Drawing of an Easter Bunny
  • Drawing of an Empty Cross
  • Cotton balls
  • Double sided tape



  • In this Easter variation of “Pin the tail on the Donkey”, you’ll need to find an image of an Easter bunny. Place the picture on a wall or flat surface.
  • Prepare a cotton ball for each youth with a piece of double-sided adhesive tape attached
  • Find or make an image of a cross as well, but keep it hidden until needed.


Instructions for Playing this Easter Game

  1. Each youth is given a cotton ball with a double-sided piece of sticky tape attached to it.
  2. Blindfold all of the youth and while everyone is blindfolded, replace the rabbit with a picture of a cross without them knowing it.
  3. Explain to the youth that they are to be completely quiet for this game and to make no comments when their blindfolds have been removed or to give those still playing any clues.
  4. Spin them around 3-5 times, (so they are a little dizzy) and point them in the direction of the cross (2-3 feet in front of it).
  5. Tell the youth to walk forward and place the “tail on the rabbit”.
  6. Remove the blindfold from the youth and repeat the process with the next youth in line.


I understand that some in the church prefer to avoid anything related to rabbits and eggs in the celebration of Easter and this kind of plays with that idea. I thought of other ways of doing this game, but to “pin Christ on the cross” seemed a little sacrilegious to me. Even though it is true that every time we sin we are in some ways putting Christ on the Cross, because our sins were what put him there in the first place.

But I chose to use this “Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny” game as part of an overall theme on expectations, replacement, and searching. We expected a rabbit, but it was replaced with a cross. Unfortunately, the world today has done the opposite. They have replaced the cross with a rabbit! The Romans expected the death of Christ to end his following. But his followers grew stronger and more numerous after the resurrection. The women went to the tomb expected to find Christ’s body. Instead they found an empty tomb. We sometimes fear that death is the end. But as Christians we are only beginning an eternity with God! In the world today, a lot of people are searching for some place, to leave their mark, like you left your mark on the poster. But Jesus says Seek Me and you will find me. I have sealed you. And with my blood I have marked you as my own. You will leave your mark in the world when you follow me!

Closing Application
Imagine that the cotton ball is representative of your sin. When we repent and accept Christ, we are placing our sins on Christ, our sins on the cross with Him. But the story of Easter is that He is no longer there on the cross and God did a switch on us as well. Instead of us taking the punishment for our sin – death, Christ took that punishment in our place. And through his blood our sins have been forgiven! Through Christ, death has been replaced with life. Just as Christ has risen from the grave, we will also if we have repented and accepted his forgiveness!

In closing, say a prayer of confession for the sins you have committed and one of thanks for his forgiveness through the shedding of Christ’s blood on the cross. But more importantly remember that he has risen from the grave and we will one day rise to be with Him!

Don’t replace the cross with a rabbit!

You could just as easily do this game in reverse from what I have shared above. Start out explaining what Jesus did on the cross, taking the sins of the world on his shoulders and giving youth the cotton ball as a representation of their sins to pin on the cross. Then while all are blindfolded, replace the cross with an Easter bunny. Then for discussion have people share how they felt when they discovered the switch! Does God feel the same way when we replace the cross and the resurrection with a rabbit and eggs? Might create some interesting discussion.


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