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A youth sat frightened on the edge. It was only yesterday that she was taken from the valley to the mountaintop and now she was being asked to step out again. She was being asked to leave her most recent camp-out. Now she was being asked to leave her perch and abseil down the side of the cliff.

She had become well acquainted with her new position. It was predictable. It was comfortable. It was safe. She was sheltered from the uncertainties of life. She sat on the edge and looked at the rope, hanging from a tree and leading into the unknown. She looked at the equipment she was to wear. The rope was so thin and flexible. The equipment, at times, was uncomfortable.

She thought…
“This is no place for a woman to be! There’s nothing solid. You have no power over the wind. You’re at its mercy, it blowing you in new directions. Anyway, how is a woman supposed to be comfortable in that equipment and hanging from that tiny rope. Surely she had heard wrong! Everything she had known told her it was a bad idea. Everyone she talked to thought her crazy. That is except for God. As a matter of fact, it was God’s idea. That’s what bothered her. It bothered her because up to now, she had been happy where she was. Besides, she knew the type of people that did these things. They were crazy, radical, always going over the edge. They didn’t care what others thought of them, they just did things. She didn’t understand them and she didn’t want to– especially first hand! She’d rather watch! After all, the smart ones are those who don’t take risks. They are secure and stable. Aren’t they?”

Some of you can probably relate very well to this young woman. You know how she feels don’t you? You’ve been there. You’ve gone over the edge. You were uncertain, scared, having second thoughts even!

But I am talking about more than just learning the ropes. I am talking about the Christian life. You know the imbalance you can have by having one foot on the rock and the other in the unknown. You know the imbalance you can have when you have one foot in your will and one foot in God’s will. You’ve hung on to the rope for dear life. You know the butterflies that seem to swarm in your stomach when changes are in the “air”.

Hopefully at this stage of your life, changes will be in the air. Maybe you are in the midst of a decision and it has upset your entire way of life. It’s scary isn’t it. You are nice and comfortable and then you hear the call to step into the unknown. You hear the call to: … take a stand. … forgive. … change the way you live. … share Christ with someone. … sacrifice time or money or even yourself. … work in full time christian service. A battle begins within. Your heart may say yes, but your feet may say no. You may make up excuses and cling to the edge.

Walking the edge can be most uncomfortable of all.

Don’t feel alone. All of us are frightened by change. Everyone would rather stay at the edge and watch then step out into the unknown.

  • Noah did: “Build an ark? Yeah, what’s an ark? As a matter of fact, what is rain? What was that? THUNDER? Okay Lord!”
  • Abraham did: “So Lord, if I’ve got this right, you want me to take my only son up to that mountain and offer him as a sacrifice? I thought you said my descendants would be as numerous as the sands of the sea?” But early the next day he left, gets to the mountain top, ties Isaac down and then hears God say “Wait, Look behind you” BAAAAAH BAAAAH
  • Moses did: “Pick up the snake by its tail? Come on now. Everyone knows you pick a snake up by its head so it can’t bite you. Do you think I am crazy or something.” PSSSSS PSSSSS “Okay. Wow, look, it became a staff again!”
  • David did: “Goliath? You’ve got the wrong person God! I’m just a kid? But okay… How could I miss such a big target” SWOOSH! THUD!
  • Daniel did: “One way trip to a Lion’s den? “Nice kitty. Nice kitty.” ROARRRRR. “Oh, you have your jaws locked? Sorry, I don’t do dental work!”
  • Christ did: “Father, if there is any way, let this cup pass from me” “Lord, not thy will but thine be done.”

Eventually, you have to decide as they did! God’s will or yours?

All the above knew that the only thing worse than stepping out was the thought of denying God. When you step out, things won’t be as comfortable as before. The people watching make fun of you. The wind is uncertain and the rope is thin, sometimes you may have to just shut your eyes and hang on. You may even let go, or may not have the strength to hold on. Don’t worry. Christ will never let you fall. It isn’t easy, but its much safer being in God’s hands than in that of the world. God knows what he is doing. Ask Moses, or Noah, or Daniel or anyone else who has followed God.

Better yet, ask Jesus. He left His security and hung from a tree so that you might be washed clean of your sin by his blood.

Oh yeah, I last saw that young woman scaling a very impressive cliff with a gleam in her eye.

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