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Game Description
In this crowdbreaker game, youth are placed into teams that don’t know each other and play a series of games with candy that has a hole in the center.

Game Materials
Lifesavers, polo mints, or any other ROUND CANDY WITH A HOLE IN THE CENTER.

Game Play

Lifesaver Relay: Give each person a toothpick to place in thier mouths. They must pass the lifesaver down the line to each person using only the toothpick in thier mouths. First team to succesfully reach the end wins.

Guess-the-Flavor Relay: Put some LifeSavers candies in a bag. Teams line up relay style about 20 feet from the bag. Blindfolded players must crawl to the bag, remove one LifeSavers candy, and try to guess the color by taste. Players get only one guess. If they are wrong they must return to their team and try again. All players on each team must correctly identify a flavor.

Ring Toss / Horseshoes: Construct two ring toss pegs by hammering a long, thin nail through a small wooden base. Kids will attempt to toss LifeSavers candies onto the nail for points. This game can also be played like horseshoes, where they compete try to get it on the peg, but if not do, the closest to the peg wins the match.

Distance Roll: The objective is to roll a LifeSavers candy along the ground the farthest. Conditions: The candy may not leave the ground and must roll on its edge.

Broom Hockey
Play regular indoor broom hockey using a LifeSavers candy as a puck. Brooms are used as hockey sticks.

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