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List of Onomatopoeia

Make a list of words that represent sounds – onomatopoeia

Scavenger Hunt Desription
Onomatopoeia are words that represent sounds. Use this for a photo scavenger hunt. Youth must photograph the object or creature that makes the corresponding sound. For example: if the clue is “meow” then the youth must take a photo together with a cat. “clippety-clop” is the sound a horse makes as its shoes strike the ground so they would need to take a photo together with a horse.

Example items
argh, baa, bam, bang, bark, beep, belch, blare, boing, bonk, boo-hoo, boom, bray, burp, burr, burst, buzz, cackle, caw, chime, chirp, chop, clang, clank, clap, clatter, click, clippety-clop, cluck, cock-a-doodle-doo, coo, crackle, crash, croak, crow, crunch, ding-dong, drip, fizz, gasp, gobble, groaning, growl, grunt, gurgle, gush, hee-haw, hiccup, hiss, honk, hoot, howl, huff, hum, hush, ka-boom, ka-ching, kerplunk, knock, meow, moaning, moo, mumble, neigh, oink, ouch, ping pong, plop, poof, pop, puff, purr, quack, rattle, ribbit, ring, roar, rustle, scratch, screech, sigh, sizzle, slurp, smash, sniff, snort, sob, splash, splat, squeak, squeal, squish, swoosh, thud, tick, tick-tock, tinkling, tolling, tweet, vroom, whack, wheeze, whimper, whistle, whine, whinny, whirr, woof, yelp, zap, zoom, zzzzz

Give each group of youth a tape recorder and have them record the sounds.

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