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Icebreaker Description
A fast-paced icebreaker game for youth where partners quickly share answers to a question from the facilitator. Partners and questions are changing all the time.

Icebreaker Materials
(Optional) “Chatter Bugs” handouts containing a list of questions for youth that are somehow connected to your session theme or topic.

Optimal Youth Group Size for this Icebreaker Game
15-30 youth but it can be played with less or more.

Icebreaker Venue
This icebreaker can be played anywhere, but ideally the location should be large enough for the youth to form some semblance of a circle.

Icebreaker Preparation
If you have time in advance, you might create a list of questions that are somehow connected to your session theme or topic.

Instructions for this Icebreaker Game for Youth

Setting the Stage

  1. “This game is going to be played in Rounds! This game is going to be played in what?” [Everyone will answer “Rounds”]
  2. “!Round 1 – Everyone find a partner. Everyone find a partner.”
  3. Wait a few moments then announce: “If you don’t have a partner raise your hand. If you don’t have a partner raise your hand.” Help those without a partner to match up. (The facilitator might need to partner up with a participant if there are an unequal number of youth.)
  4. “Now that you have found a partner you will have to choose among yourselves who will be the ‘ladybug’ and who will be the ‘lightning bug’. You cannot both choose the same thing!” Give them a few moments to decide.
  5. “Lady Bugs raise your hand… Lightning Bugs raise your hand!” If you want to add a little craziness, ask the lady bugs to flap their wings and the lightning bugs to shake their tails!


Round 1

  1. “In round 1 you are going to introduce yourself to your partner and share 3 things about yourself that most people don’t know! Only one person will speak until I tell you to stop. Whenever I shout ‘Chatter Bugs Stop’ You stop. You stop when Whenever I shout what?” [They will Answer — “chatter Bugs Stop”]
  2. “Lady Bugs speak first — Go.”
  3. You can give them a few minutes depending on the overall time available. When you are ready for them to change shout “Chatter Bugs Stop!”
  4. “Lightning Bugs Next — Ready…Go” Give them the same amount of time then shout “Chatter bugs Stop”
  5. “Give yourself a big round of applause. You have completed Round 1.”


Round 2

  1. “Now for round 2″ Are you ready? …Are you sure you are ready?”
  2. “Lady bugs form a circle facing outward, shoulder to shoulder.”
  3. “Lightning bugs, form a larger circle around them.. facing your partner.”
  4. (Optional) Once everyone is in place, distribute “Chatter Bugs” handouts with the questions or topics they will discuss.
  5. “Now we are going to play round two. We are going to play what?” [round two]
  6. “In round 2 you will be given a question or topic to discuss. Sometimes you will be the person talking – the ‘sender” while the person facing you will be the listener – the “Receiver.”
  7. “For the first discussion, Lady bugs you will be the sender. Lightning bugs you are the receiver. When I announce “Chatter Bugs stop”, you immediately stop. Any questions?”
  8. “The first topic / Question is….” [Announce the first topic or question]. “Lady Bugs GO!”
  9. “Chatter Bugs” Stop!”
  10. “Lightning Bugs… Your turn. Ready… Go.”
  11. “Chatter Bugs Stop”
  12. “Now, everyone in the outer circle… Rotate one person to your right to face a new partner. Rotate”
  13. Now Call out a different topic and have participants repeat the process until they have completely gone around the circle and met everyone.”
  14. “Give yourself a round of applause, you have completed Round 2”


Round 3 (Optional)

  1. “Now for round 3″ Are you ready? …Are you sure you are ready?”
  2. “Facing your partner, I want all the lightning bugs to rotate your body 90 degree to the right so that you are now facing the back of another lightning bug.” “Good.”
  3. Lady bugs, rotate your body 90 degrees to your right so that you are now facing the back of another Lady Bug.” “Great”
  4. “When I say ‘Go’, you will start walking forward, staying in your circle. This means the Lightning bugs will be in a circle rotation counter-clockwise and the Lady bugs will be in a circle rotating clockwise.
  5. “At some point I will yell ‘Chatter Bugs.’ When I yell ‘chatter bugs’ you must return to your original partner, get back to back with your bums touching, and flap your wings — arms” “The last couple to get into that position will be eliminated.’ [You might want to demonstrate the correct position with two of the youth.] “Any questions?”
  6. “Let’s try it once for practice.” Ready…. GO!”
  7. Shout “Chatter Bugs”
  8. Once they have done it, correct anyone who is out position. Point out who would have been eliminated.
  9. “Any Questions?”
  10. “Ready.. GO”
  11. Play the game until there is only one couple left and give them a prize as the “World’s Greatest Chatter Bugs”


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