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3×5 cards

On 3×5 cards place the names of different fish. Simply using the names of the fish, youth will be able to group them into humorous categories. There may be some overlap in categories.

MILITARY: swordfish, scabbardfish, archerfish, dartfish, seargentfish, spikefish, javelinfish, soldierfish, spearfish, fightingfish
TOOLS: spadefish, filefish, knifefish, wedgefish, sawfish, pipefish, hatchetfish, sicklefish, siphonfish, scissorfish, shovelfish, handsaw fish, paddlefish, oarfish, telescopefish, tripodfish
ANIMALS: cowfish, milkfish, lionfish, manefish, skunkfish, stinkfish, Elephant Fish, tuskfish, frogfish, toadfish, batfish, dragon fish, pigfish, boarfish, porkfish, porcupine fish, pony fish, horsefish, saddlefish, unicorn fish, beaverfish, squirrelfish, zebra fish, spiderfish, rabbitfish, lizardfish, snakefish, tigerfish, rhino-fish, pantherfish, monkeyfish, leopardfish
FLAGS: flagfish, bannerfish, pennant fish, ribbonfish
GEMS: Jewelfish, pearlfish, gemfish, rubyfish, opalfish
MUSICAL: Singingfish, trumpet fish, flutemouth, guitarfish, bandfish
VESSELS: barrelfish, sackfish, boxfish, tubfish
PEOPLE: surgeonfish, doctorfish, kingfish, queenfish, ladyfish, damselfish, Knightfish, grannyfish, pilotfish, clownfish, nurseryfish, tonguefish
BIRDS: parrotfish, turkeyfish, hen fish, roosterfish, hawkfish, goosefish, peacock fish, ravenfish, wing fish, flying fish
HYGENE: razorfish, beardfish, mirrorfish, combfish, hairyfish, soapfish, ragfish
SPIRITUAL: angelfish, devilfish, monkfish, priestfish, crossfish, shepherdfish, sheepshead, wolffish, sowfish, harvestfish, goatfish
LIGHT: headlight fish, lanternfish, flashlight fish, lampfish, penlightfish, lightfish
COOKING: puddingfish, jellyfish, skilletfish, platefish, ricefish, noodlefish
FELINE: catfish, ratfish, mousefish
CANINE: dogfish, pupfish, houndfish
SEWING: needlefish, threadfish, pinfish
ASTRONOMY: sunfish, moonfish, Starfish
TEMPERATURE: frostfish, icefish, firefish
OFFICE: pencilfish, paperfish, pinfish
CRAWLIES: scorpionfish, stingfish, butterflyfish
FRUITS: pineapple fish, mangofish, lemonfish
NATIVE AMERICAN: redskinfish, squawfish, indianfish

Activity 1
Tape the name of a fish on each person’s back and ask them to ask “yes” or “no”questions to discover their identity

Activity 2
Play a game of charades using the fish cards

Activity 3
Use fish names from the cards that have some relationship to each other. Have each youth find a partner that somehow relates to the name of his/her fish.

Activity 4
Bring in items such as a leaf, a needle, etc. Have youth use the object to draw a funny picture of what the fish might look like. Compare with photos of the real fish for lots of fun!

Activity 5
Play a game of pictionary using the fish names– You draw pictures instead of act out the words.

You can get various pictures of fish from a fish book or aquarium guide. Ask kids to try to name the different types of fish from the pictures. You can find out more about these fish and many more on the internet at: – There are also many photos at this site.

Use these as an icebreaker for a lesson on evangelism from Matthew 4:17-22 relating it to how we are to be “fishers of men”

Discussion Ideas
1. How is telling others about Jesus similar to fishing?
2. Lures are attractive to fish. How can you make the good news of Jesus attractive to your friends?

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For other related ideas search for “fish” or “evangelism”.

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