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gun_finger.jpgGroup Size:
 Groups of any size.

Time: 10 minutes

Applications: Learning Names



For the group to learn each others names. As people are eliminated they will have to learn the names of different persons on their left or right until only two participants remain for the final duel.


Circle up: All participants stand in a circle facing each other.

Introduce: Go around the circle having everyone introduce themselves by name.

Ready-Aim: Everyone makes a gun with their hands by interlocking the fingers together and pointing out their two index fingers.

BANG BANG: The game begins by the facilitator calling out the name of someone in the group. That person must quickly duck (squat down). The two people on either side of the person whose name was called fire their guns at him by pointing their guns in his or her direction and saying “Bang-Bang! Your’e Dead”.

Eliminate: If the named participant does not duck in time then he is the one shot dead and is eliminated. If he ducks in time, the participant on either his left or right who gets shot first is eliminated. Whoever is shot must dramatically die and then sits down in the centre of the circle and calls the next name. The game continues until only two participants remain.

Last Duel: When there are only two people left, they should stand back to back in the center of an open space. The facilitator then begins slowly counting from 1. With each number, the participants take one step forward. As soon as the facilitator skips a number, the two participants must turn around and shoot each other– “Bang-Bang You’re dead.” Whoever shoots first is the overall winner.


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