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It was said that flight was impossible… until the Wright brothers attained it.

In the physical world there may be limits, but often the limits persist only in the mind of man. When someone looks beyond and dares to challenge the impossible, that barrier we call the “impossible” disperses and we discover things were not as impossible as they seemed. The only true limitation was our belief and the knowledge discovered when we dared to step outside our limiting beliefs.

Listen to these statements of professionals regarding flight.

“…We hope that Professor Langley will not put his substantial greatness as a scientist in further peril by continuing to waste his time and the money involved, in further airship experiments. Life is short, and he is capable of services to humanity incomparably greater than can be expected to result from trying to fly.” – New York Times, December 10,1903, editorial page.

“Outside of the proven impossible, there probably can be found no better example of the speculative tendency carrying man to the verge of the chimerical than in his attempts to imitate the birds, or no field where so much inventive seed has been sown with so little return as in the attempts of man to fly successfully through the air. Never, it would seem, has the human mind so persistently evaded the issue, begged the questions and, ‘wrangling resolutely with the facts’, insisted upon dreams being accepted as actual performance, as when there has been proclaimed time and again the proximate and perfect utility of the balloon or of the flying machine.” — Melville, Rear Admiral George (1901)

“…Should man succeed in building a machine small enough to fly and large enough to carry himself, then in attempting to build a still larger machine he will find himself limited by the strength of his materials in the same manner and for the same reasons that nature has.” — Melville, Rear Admiral George (1901)

“…there is no basis for the ardent hopes and positive statements made as to the safety and successful use of the dirigible balloon or flying machine, or both, for commercial transportation or as weapons of ware, and that, therefore, it would be a wrong, whether willful or unknowing, to lead the people and perhaps governments at this time to believe the contrary;…” — Melville, Rear Admiral George (1901)

“…The aeroplane must have its propellers. These must be driven by an engine with a source of power. Weight is an essential quality of every engine. The propellers must be made of metal, which has its weakness, and which is liable to give way when its speed attains a certain limit. And, granting complete success, imagine the proud possessor of the aeroplane darting through the air at a speed of several hundred feet per second! It is the speed alone that sustains him. Once he slackens his speed, down he begins to fall. He may, indeed, increase the inclination of his aeroplane. Then he increases the resistance necessary to move it. Once he stops he falls a dead mass. How shall he reach the ground without destroying his delicate machinery?” –Newcomb, Simon. Outlook for the Flying Machine. The Independent, October 22, 1903. pp. 2508, 2510-2511.

“…The popular mind often pictures gigantic flying machines speeding across the Atlantic and carrying innumerable passengers in a way analogous to our modern steamships…It seems safe to say that such ideas must be wholly visionary, and even if a machine could get across with one or two passengers the expense would be prohibitive to any but the capitalist who could own his own yacht.” — Source: Clarke, Arthur C. Profiles of the Future. New York, Harper and Row, 1962. pp.3-4.

But of course flight is common to us today. What was once considered impossible is now commonplace.

What is true for the physical world is even more applicable for the spiritual one — where for God, NOTHING is impossible. How many breakthroughs do we miss out on in our spiritual lives because of limiting beliefs. God wants to do the impossible in your life and the first step toward that is for you to believe it can be done. Only then will you discover the wonders God has prepared for you. And you will mount up on eagles wings and fly higher with God than ever before!

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