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Mother’s Day can be a wonderful celebration, but it is also a very dangerous day for youth and fathers. The biggest peril is buying a Mother’s Day Gift. After all, everyone is supposed to know what she wants. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy.

So, whether you are a youth or the husband, here are some Mother’s Day gifts to avoid. Of course there are mothers who do love some these gifts, but for the most part, the rest of the world’s mothers would be delighted if you carefully avoid them.

Hopefully this list will keep you out of trouble, but then again, mother’s also have this uncanny desire to be different, to be an exception to the norm, sometimes just to keep you guessing.

Of course, regardless of what you get her, she’ll tell you how much she loves it. After all, she’s your mom. But later, when you are out of site, she’ll wonder why her son or daughter or husband couldn’t think of something more personal.

Mother’s Day Gifts that Youth to Avoid

Anything Vaguely Related to Weight
No matter how much mom talks about wanting to lose weight, Mother’s Day is NOT the day to give her a loving hand with her love handles. Forget the diet books, the exercise equipment, the membership to the slimming salon. Nothing says “I love you, Mom” quite like anything that hints at weight loss, getting healthier, or looking better. Stay away from anything designed to let her know where she could use a little improvement.

HINT: Don’t use Mother’s Day to buy a mom a scale, a tape measure, or anything that even vaguely suggests that mom is not incredibly beautiful just the way she is!

Clothes are a lose-lose situation. If they are too small, she’ll think she’s fat because she can’t wear them. If they are too big then she’ll be offended that you think she is so fat. And don’t event mention colors and fashion.

HINT: Clothes are best avoided at all costs unless you taker her shopping!

Anything for the Bathroom
The rose scented bubble bath that you bought her last year is still under her bathroom sink, unopened. So is the one from the year before that. Scented soaps and bath gels carry a subtle hint that mom stinks and needs to bathe more often. And, you will be grown and have youth of your own long before mom finds the time for a relaxing soak in a Bubble Bath!

HINT: Avoid bath soaps, shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gels

Cleaning Supplies
While mothers often complain about how much easier it would be to clean the house if they had the new Tornado 2000 vacuum cleaner that sucks up every speck of dust in sight, or that new self-wringing mop from the infomercial on late night TV, Mother’s Day is not the day to entertain her cleaning needs. Anything used to clean doesn’t say “I love You, Mom” but instead hints that she isn’t doing enough around the house to clean up after the youth and kids. Even though you are trying to get her something to lighten her workload, the last thing she wants to be reminded of on Mother’s Day is that she is the same level as a live in maid.

HINT: Why not clean the entire house for your mom on Mother’s Day. She might pass out in shock, but at least she’ll have a smile on her face.

Household Appliances
Don’t give mom gifts that make her work harder. Mother’s Day is about appreciation and relaxation, not cleaning appliances and sanitation. Its not about a new washer, a steam cleaner, a sewing machine, and most certainly not about the new iron. And if you are replacing something that’s broken — it doesn’t even count as a Mother’s Day gift. Giving appliances for Mother’s Day is like your boss giving you work to take home on the weekend.

HINT: Surprise her with the appliances on another day of the year, just to say “I love you.” And instead of simply presenting it to her all wrapped up in a box, take it out, use it to get the job done, then tie a bow on it. Mom will love that you helped out more than the fact that you got her a gift.

Things for the Kitchen
Just because mom admired the new turbo toaster that not only toasts but also butters the bread, doesn’t mean that mother’s day is the her special day to get one. After all, how often does she make toast for herself? Sure, these appliances might make her life a little easier in the kitchen, but you’re the one she cooks for anyway!

HINT: Avoid anything that hints at the kitchen – bread makers, knives, food processors, blenders, can openers, salt and pepper shakers, pots, pans, aprons are best avoided. Surprise her with them on another day!

Something on Your Personal Wishlist
Mother’s Day is not the day to kill to birds with one stone. Who’s going to spend the most time glued in front of the new 3D LCD TV? Nor do they want sports equipment, or anything for a car. If you are a youth who already has a driver’s licence, why not take her shopping.

HINT: Moms don’t want basketballs, sports shoes, soccer balls, new windshield wiper blades, floormats, unless they have a true passion for such things.

Anything that’s Alive and Needs Mom’s Help to Stay Alive!
If it poops, slithers, or crawls and needs to eat or drink, it is probably not a good idea. Houseplants that need care are probably out too. Maybe a tree or a rosebush planted outside that requires little care would work if she likes such things. Mother’s gave gifts like these send the message: “Hey mom, you don’t have enough to do. Taking care of the pets and watering the plants will keep you from getting bored around the house while I am at school!” We all know that eventually, she’ll be responsible for taking care of them!

HINT: Flowers are ok, as long as they are given together with something else. Given by themselves they just reveal that you thought about a Mother’s Day gift for the 5 minutes it took to put it on your dad’s credit card.

IOU Coupons and Homemade Gifts
Offering free housecleaning, dishwashing or to walk the is nice. But shouldn’t dad and the youth be doing these things once in a while for mom anyway? Anyway, when was the last time a mom successfully redeemed a coupon for these services. Life’s busy schedule always seems to get in the way. And somehow the redemption always seems to be requested at the busiest times. Homemade gifts are just as risky. Moms usually treasure the thought when you are really young, and they may stay on the shelf for public display, long after you have grown up and left home. But as your grow older, homemade gifts will be fussed over and displayed for a while, but them placed in a drawer and forgotten unless they are really well done. And this includes anything that has “#1 Mom” written on it. They are great for yard sales, but every other mom has one just like it.

HINT: Personalise gifts when you can, but be very careful with picture frames, homemade jewelry, and arts and crafts.

Things Mom Needs
There are always things that Mom’s need. A new towel, sheets for the bed, diaper bags, craft supplies. The list is never ending. But Mom’s deserve something SPECIAL on Mother’s Day. If it is something she needs, save ot for another day. These kinds of things should be provided as needed anyway. And a new computer probably isn’t the best either, though she might enjoy an ipad 2. Anyway, everyone knows you want the new computer to play the latest online games and chat with your friends on facebook.

HINT: Instead of giving her something functional, get her something extravagant for mother’s day. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, it just needs to be out of the ordinary.

E-Gifts and Cards
We live in the internet age, but Mom’s won’t find virtual gifts very endearing. “Dear Mom, I cared enough to send you the very best e-card!” Mom likes the joy of opening a present and holding something real in her hands. This includes online games, facebook additions, computer wallpapers and emails. And you ought to be giving her digital photos on a regular basis anyway! A simple text message is even worse.

HINT: It’s always best to meet her in person and present a physical gift, even if it is your presence, rather than give her anything digital. If you want to give her something digital, why not give her that sheik new smartphone, a digital picture frame loaded with all your favorite photos or a nice new digital camera. Just make sure you are buying it for her, and not for yourself!

The Absolute WORST Mother’s Day Gift
Don’t get her anything at all, don’t do anything with her, or completely forget that today is her special day! Nothing says “I love you” like forgetting about the very special woman who spent years changing your diaper, packing your lunch and yelling at you to “clean your room” while quietly cleaning it for you while you were away at school.

HINT: Even if you have to buy her a last-minute gift, and break all the rules above, never show up empty handed on Mother’s Day!

Be sure and wish your Mom a wonderful and Blessed Mother’s Day!

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