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This review game uses clothespins, and pennants to remind youth and teens about Bible lessons learned.

string, paper and clothespins

What to Do

  1. Tie the string across the front of the room.
  2. On pennants or pieces of paper, write the themes, topics, central characters, etc from recent Bible lessons youth have studied.
  3. For each theme create several questions relating to facts, events, and important information to be answered by the youth.
  4. Attach the pieces of paper to the string with one clothespin for each question.
  5. Youth then choose a topic and are asked one of the questions. If the answer is correct one peg is removed from the pennant. If it is missed the next youth or team gets a turn.
  6. This continues until all the questions are answered and all the pegs are removed.
  7. Whoever removes the last peg from the pennant gets to keep it.
  8. Once all the pennants are removed, whoever has the most pennants wins.


Instead of questions, youth must state one fact about each topic for each peg that is on the pennant. If all the facts are correct and no pegs are left then can remove the pennant. If a fact is wrong, then game play is passed to the next person or team.

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